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Cottage Park - Ross on Wye & Moorland Park  - Devon  Tel: 01989 762283 Mob: 07860 575253

What is ‘siting’?

Choosing your home may be your first step but after that there is much to be done by the site or park owner and includes:
- transporting the finished home from the factory to your chosen park and it is good to reflect here that some of the larger homes require an escort as well whilst on the road, which would be an additional cost.
- preparing the base (ie. making foundations and groundwork),,
- unloading and joining up the two halves on site.
- interior finishing to the carpets and walls,
- connecting up the mains services (water, electric and gas),
- building the exterior skirting and steps,
- possibly some landscaping,
- possibly a garage and probably a hard parking space for your car.
PHEW! - and of course none of this comes as free. Before you go out pricing a mobile home at one of the many manufacturers you should have in mind the owners guide siting costs and add it all together.