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Cottage Park - Ross on Wye & Moorland Park  - Devon  Tel: 01989 762283 Mob: 07860 575253

Why are our parks aimed at attracting retired and semi-retired residents?

The main reasons, it is not possible to get a mortgage on a park home. Finance is available, it is a little more expensive than a mortgage. This tends not to suit younger families but is attractive to retired people who have finished paying for their bricks and mortar house and can use that capital to buy a mobile home outright and keep a substantial sum in the bank for a rainy day.

There is another factor that affects this age balance. If the Park Owner chooses to take families with children, he must use a minimum of 6% of his park (excluding roads or parking bays) for recreational purposes. With the cost of land is so high and the permitted density of park homes being much lower than on a ‘bricks and mortar’ development, then it often follows that many a park owner cannot afford to operate a family park.