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Cottage Park - Ross on Wye & Moorland Park  - Devon  Tel: 01989 762283 Mob: 07860 575253

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does a park home differ from a conventional house?
  2. Is buying a park home a good investment?
  3. Do I also own the land around my home?
  4. Can Park Homes be resold?
  5. How long does a park home last?
  6. Why are our parks aimed at attracting retired and semi-retired residents?
  7. Can I use a Park Home as my second home?
  8. Why do prices vary so much around the country?
  9. What is ‘siting’?
  10. Are park homes liable for Council Tax?
  11. Can I put a park home on my own land?
  12. What guarantees do I get with a park home?
  13. What is the NCC Gold Shield Warranty?

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